Terms and Conditions


Firstly, we aim to provide the best service to you. If you have any problems please read the below and email us on the contact page. We will work with you to resolve any problems. Please keep in mind, although the postal service we choose are excellent, we are limited to the policies of their services.

General process

We send orders regularly, most often the next day, so you should receive your order promptly. We use Australia Post for both Domestic and International freight.

When an order is sent, you will receive an email with a tracking number so you can track its progress online. Some destinations allow you to check out with cheaper freight, saving you money. They are displayed as ‘no tracking’ on the checkout. We will send a confirmation email once posted and your order should arrive by the estimate time frame.

International Orders

If your order is international it will pass through customs. In this case, there may be minor delays, but this is rare (usually due to peek periods). Every order we have sent passes through customs without issues. In the case of an item not delivered, we will send a replacement order upon resolution of the existing order.

International Freight Timeframes

We offer freight through Australia Post, both Standard (Regular) and Express Parcels. If you want your order fast, check out with Express Post so you can receive your order within half the time as standard post. A tracking number is emailed when your order is dispatched. Freight Timeframes

Lost with ‘no tracking’

If you have selected ‘no tracking’ and your order is lost, we will lodge a claim on your behalf to try and recover costs. We will start the claim process after double the estimated time stipulated on the checkout, as most often it is still in transit. Any credit from the claim is passed onto you. If a full credit is given, we will re-send your order to an alternate address supplied by you.

Lost with ‘tracking’

This almost never happens. Any lost orders that have ‘tracking’ or ‘express’ will honoured and a replacement will be re-posted on resolve of its status. If it is received back we will resend it to an alternate address supplied by you. Please give up to double the estimated deliver time before we investigate this with the postal service. If a tracked item is marked as delivered by the postal service, we treat this item as delivered. If you still wish to dispute this we can lodge a claim on your behalf and any credit from the claim is passed onto you. If a full credit is given, we will re-send your order to an alternate address supplied by you.

Postal Claims, we are subject to their rules.

If we need to log a claim with the postal service, there are often delays in resolving the problem. If your order is urgent, we recommend you process another order while your claim is being resolved. In this case, if your claim is successful, we will credit you rather than send out another order.


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