Quality Lufenuron


Unfortunately, direct competitors like Sarah Vaughter “Owndoc” website make false claims about us. These claims, not true, are made in her “lufenuron.pdf”. Sarah has never contacted us, nor can she prove these claims, because they’re just not true. We explain each one below.

“we are a scam”

No, we are not. We deliver exactly what you order and have always acted professionally with prompt posting, refunds, and lost orders replaced. The only dissatisfied customer we have is when they buy into these false claims, which is the main reason for creating this page. I wish we didn’t have to do this, but we need to set things straight.

“other suppliers are the same company”

Nope. I am aware that other businesses fall under the same umbrella, but we do not. Candida Capsules head office is here in Australia, we make our product here and only distribute under our brand. If we were involved with any other suppliers – they wouldn’t be making false claims against us.

“supply pesticide grade from China”

False and False. We supply pharmaceutical grade Lufenuron with a purity of 99.21%. It doesn’t get much better than that. Please view the adjacent certificate for details. While we don’t disclose our supplier, we can say that we do not import from China. Regardless, this is cheap talk. Sarah would find it hard to prove that her own supplier doesn’t source their product from China. Comments like this have no backing.

“charge a high price”

We are the cheapest when it comes to quality. We pay a premium price from our suppliers for quality (maybe Sarah does too), we distribute it with less mark-up. Our maximum retail is $2/gram while Sarah Vaughter retails at $3+/gram. That is over 30% less.

At this point we must say that other suppliers undercut us (which is fine) but we choose not to engage in a price war. Reducing our cost would mean that we need to source a cheaper product. This compromises quality and compromises your health. In simple, ‘you get what you pay for’.

“jump on the band wagon”

Well this may have some truth but when our business started we didn’t know about Sarah’s work. While my partner and I were exploring alternative heath remedies, we trialled Lufenuron through a nutritionist, and had great success. There was a market for Lufenuron in Australia, so we decided to do something about it.

While alternative health remedies remain unregulated, we stay true to our passion in helping others heal themselves. Sure, profit is necessary, but we choose not to be infected by greed.

Updated July 2021 (initially published 2019)