About us

Our story

Since 2008 my partner and I have been on a quest in seeking all aspects of the truth. What most of us call an awakening. During this time we’ve been actively involved in community projects that help expose corruption on the people. This is not something we have to do, we’re just driven because we want to.

During our quest, we trialled Lufenuron through a naturopath and were excited with the results. As there were no suppliers in Australia and Canada, we set out to make this into a business to help fund our other work.

We started a joint venture called ‘Candida Release’ in late 2012 with three owners. This fell apart after a six months as we had disagreements. The business was going down the path of greed, profit over people. Myself and another partner went our own way. On exit I was threatened to hand over our work and walked away with nothing. Today this business still uses all our creative work and research.

So, in late 2013 my partner and I perused Candida Capsules with no string attached.

Shortly after, we appeared on Sarah Vaulter list of scammers with every other Lufenuron supplier in the world. Somehow I thought these other companies must have done something wrong. I soon found it was me who was naive in thinking that everyone in alternative health had the best intent for the people. Seem this isn’t the case and it saddens me that humanity is infected by this greed. How can you generate false information and then provide an honest service to your customers? Quite hypocritical in my view.

The problem with alternative products like lufenuron, is that it’s un-regulated and has no legal ground while remaining anonymous. So you can’t defend yourself legally when competitors post you as the bad guy. I guess all you can do is speak your own truth and hope for the best.

It doesn’t really make sence to me, why someone would discredit other suppliers when what they are doing is discrediting the product. It’s madness.

I expect the people reading this are likely to be frustrated with our existing health care system and are seeking truth in alternative health remedies. For the average consumer, this story isn’t important as they’re unaware of ‘the importance of who they choose to support’.